Preston Hollo Elastic Size 11

Preston Hollo Elastic Size 11


Preston Hollo Elastic Size 11

Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials available and to the strictest quality standards, Hollo Elastic delivers trouble-free, consistent performance. Hollo Elastic is available in 6 different strengths to suit all carp fishing situations from 9H up to a very powerful 19H. Thoroughly tested by our consultants, Hollo Elastic comes in 3m lengths in a sealed bag that ensures it stays in perfect condition. The ratings correspond to normal elastic ratings, so a 13H rating is between 12 and 14 normal elastic strength. Due to a special manufacturing process, injecting lubricant inside the elastic is not required


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Hollo Elastic 19H

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Im looking to renew my elastic soon and a am going to get the Preston hollow elastic. I would like to know what elastic ratings are best for my 3 top kits: 1) small carp to 2lb  2) carp from 2lb plus  3) big carp the down the edge  Thanks

A: 1) small carp to 2lb 9 or 11 hollo 2) carp from 2lb plus 11 or 13 hollo 3) big carp the down the edge 15 or 17 hollo  in winter the lighter moving on the to the heavier as the water warms up in the summer

Q: i ve just bought the full range of preston hollo elastic but it does not tell you what lines you can use on them could you please email me the ratings of the elastic to line. thanks paul

A: As a guide the size of hollo would match the line diameter, eg 9 hollo would be suitable for a minimum of 0.09 line diameter 11 hollo a minimum of 0.11 diameter and so on

Q: What diameters are the hollo elastics?

A: The diameters are as follows: 9H - 1.9mm, 11H - 2.1mm, 13H - 2.3mm, 15H - 2.6mm, 17H - 2.8mm, 19H - 3.0mm.

Q: can hollow elastic be used in a puller bung system

A: Hi Ian, The hollo elastics are perfect for use with a pulla bung system.  Try 13h for all round commercial fishing. Lee Kerry

Q: i use solid 8-10 and 10-12 what would you surgest for this in hollow elastic

A: Hi Mick The Hollo size 9 is between an 8 and a 10 solid, whilst the Hollo size 11 is between a 10 and a 12 solid.  Regards Preston Innovations

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